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Shipping & Returns

SHIPPING From the Netherlands to worldwide.
EUROPE 1-3 business days
UNITED KINGDOM 2-5 business days
UNITED STATES 5-9 business days
LATIN AMERIKA 6-9 business days
ASIA 7-11 business days
AUSTRALIA 5-10 business days

*ORDERS FROM Bangladesh,

All orders will be shipped in 24hours!

NO TRACK&TRACE we only send regular mail, because that is the most safe way.
They can never check millions of letters a day.

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All products will be scaled slightly overweight. Professionally packaged and will go through 100% without problems. Orders will be vacuum sealed with mylar bag. Quality and stealth is our priority. 

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Refund % Reship policy.
All orders will be reshipped 100%\ refund 90% if not received.

We upgraded our stealth methods. We now use TOP NOTCH stealth.
What does this mean?

– Vacuum sealed thick plastic
– Extra layer of MYLAR seal
– Decoy
– Address label + return address label
– Priority shipping

All orders are shipped with tracking numbers, no signature needed. Enveloped products will be delivered in your mailbox.!!!!!!


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Payment Methods

We do provide 100% cost-free shipping to the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. Free Standard Shipping valid on orders over $3500 World Wide. For clients who want to remain discreet, we strongly recommend the form of payment.

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Wechat ID: leewung
Wickr ID: hugmankush

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